The Zambia Institute of Architects (ZIA) has called on relevant government wings to ensure public safety in the construction of roads and settlement areas.

ZIA President, Bwalya Masalo says part of the reasons why most of the parts of the country continue to experience extensive floods is that over the years, construction projects have been commissioned in areas that historically had been wetlands and water recharge zones.

Mr Masalo explains that these IDPs should provide sufficient guidance on urban development, zoning, road network expansion and provision of basic services such as water, sewer and electricity.

Mr Masalo also states that councils and local planning authorities should move with the digital times and develop digital models of towns and cities that consider all aspects of spatial planning and development and are able to simulate effects or disruptions of any proposed developments on the road network, economy, environment and general development of the city as a whole.

He has further added that the Local Authorities and the Government should consider plans to upgrade squatter settlements that meet the criteria.

He also notes that the public needs to be actively involved in the prevention of the dumping of waste in the drainage system.

He also says that the Zambia Institute of Architects stands ready to offer guidance and professional resources, as one of the leading players in the construction industry in the country.

This is contained in a statement made available to the media by ZIA President Bwalya Masalo.


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