The provincial education office says Inspection teams are monitoring schools adhering to covid19 safety measures


The provincial education office says inspection teams are monitoring schools to ensure adherence to covid19 safety measures.

Speaking to the media in an interview, eastern province education officer Dr Allan ling’ambe says the inspection teams that have been established in all the districts of the province are monitoring how schools are running in the wake of the covid19 pandemic.

Dr Ling’ambe says provincial reports will be submitted to the minister of general education who will then advise after consultations on the possibility of opening non-examinational classes.

He notes that schools in the province have been done generally well in ensuring that there is adherence to covid19 safety measures among pupils and teachers.

Dr Ling’ambe says the ministry of general education will in collaboration with the ministry of health continue sensitizing pupils on the need for them to adhere to the safety measures.


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